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  • 30+ Literal Cake Fails From Really Dumb Bakeries

    When you look at these literal cake fails, it’s hard to imagine that the bakers didn’t do them on purpose out of spite. How do you make a cake with the literal wording the person gave you, when it’s so obvious that it’s the instructions of what they actually want on the cake? Maybe the […]

  • 35 Inappropriate License Plates That Made It Past the DMV

    It’s pretty astonishing how many inappropriate license plates seem to make it past the DMV. Sure their employees are often uneducated and certainly under-payed, but how many funny license plates need to slip by before someone gets fired? When you see someone apply for a vanity plate that says “DZ Nutz,” doesn’t an alarm go […]

  • The 20+ Funniest Mannequins Ever Spotted in Department Stores

    It’s not everyday you see a funny mannequin at the department store, but luckily for you we’ve got the funniest ones ever seen in public right here on this page. What are the backstories behind these creepy mannequins? Some are mannequins posed in funny positions or scenarios, while others are just scary mannequins that look […]

  • Kid Gets Walloped by Cows in the Background of an Interview

    If you’ve ever worked in a stable, you know that there are just some animals that don’t feel like putting up with your crap sometimes (even though you put up with their literal crap on a daily basis.) While a young kid is giving an interview to a local news station, one of his barn […]

  • Friend Laughs Hysterically as Fat Dude Tries to Exit BMW i8

    Whenever something terrible or humiliating happens, you can always count on your friends to laugh at you and delight in your misfortune. Whether you fall of your dirt bike while riding or trip on the curb while carrying beer into the house, a good friend will always make fun of you before asking if you’re […]

  • 33 Funny Mailboxes That Your Weird Neighbors Would Have

    Why does everyone always have that one weird neighbor with the funny mailbox? In my neighborhood it was the guy across the street who had this weird pelican mailbox that stuck out like a sore thumb. Some of the funny mailboxes on this list are really clever, while others are tacky, creepy, or just plain […]

  • 30 Hilarious Police FAILs That Prove Cops Aren’t Perfect

    We love our boys in blue, but these 30 funny police fails are something that you just have to laugh at. These cop fails include bad decisions made by cops, funny arrests, and spelling errors on squad cars. Some are just funny police pictures, like the cops pulling over the Dunkin Donuts truck. Others are […]

  • 35 Funny Rule Breakers Who Violated Laws in Petty Ways

    These rebels really took it too far this time. There is breaking the rules, and then there are these petty rule breakers who are violating a small law in a funny way. It may be eating a sandwich on a plate that says pizza, or drinking Pepsi out of a Coca-Cola glass. No matter what […]

  • 33 Funny Tombstones That Prove There Is Humor in the Afterlife

    As these funny tombstones prove, some people still keep their senses of humor even after passing through to the afterlife. The 33 funny epitaphs on this list are all clever in their own way, and some are even celebrity graves, including Merv Griffin and other beloved famous people. Some of the humor in these comes […]

  • 33 Hilarious Restaurant Signs That Would Make You Look Twice

    Every once in a while you encounter a funny fast food restaurant sign that you really makes you look twice. Sometimes these restaurant marquees are funny by accident because of a missing letter or grammar error, while other times they have a clever message or silly pun that makes you roll your eyes and smile. […]