Regret Kitten

We all have regrets in life- that final drink you shouldn’t have had, that questionable person you shouldn’t have hooked up with. But who would have thought that animals also regret things on a daily basis? I mean I thought being an animal was easy, especially if you’re someone’s pet. You eat, sleep, and occasionally get your ears scratched, but sometimes it’s not that easy. One minute you’re enjoying a cool snack, and the next it’s crawling all over your face like some kind of damn alien creature (see #5). Anyways check out these animals that did something and regretted it, just try not to laugh at them too hard.

1. Damn I Shouldn’t Have Sniffed That

2. Why did I have to stick my face in this hole?

3. Ouch I shouldn’t have pawed at that fire

4. Why Did I Think I Could Keep Up With Comet?

5. Hm This Looks Goo..WTF, WTF, No, OMG, Get it Off, Get it Off

6. Mother of Pearl Why Did I Smell That?

7. Guess I Shouldn’t Have Bothered That Dog

8. I Really Shouldn’t Have Thrown Sand In That Silverback’s Face

9. Don’t Just Stand There, Get Me Out Of This Thing

10. I Will Forever Regret Smelling This Cheese

11. What Is This?! Where Am I??

12. Why Am I Always Messing With Stuff I Don’t Understand?

13. I Have No Idea What I Was Thinking

14. Why Did I Need To Lick This Disgusting Green Thing?

15. This Seemed Like Such A Good Idea At First

16. Ok Huge Mistake? Little Help Anyone?

17. Just Gonna Take A Little Sip And…OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP

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