Category: Funny

  • Woman Gets Attacked By Crazy Ass Chickens

    It took thousands of years, but the chickens are finally fighting back. How long did they just peck at the dirt like idiots, waiting to be sent to the slaughterhouse so some obese toddler in Pittsburgh could have shake and bake for dinner? These chickens are bad ass because they’re not going down without a […]

  • ‘My Butthole Hurts’ Girl Is The New David After Dentist

    It’s always a dick move to film someone as soon as they wake up from having surgery, but when you capture gold like this it doesn’t matter. After awakening from a state of unconsciousness in the hospital, this girl complains that her butthole hurts before ripping an astronomically loud fart that even your cousin Bubba […]

  • 19 Animals Who Are Complete Dicks

    Sure animals are cute and cuddly, but did you know they can be absolute jerks sometimes too? If you don’t believe me, check out the GIFs below. These animals will smack you, push you into a lake, and even steal your damn golf ball while you’re playing on the PGA tour. Sure your pet is […]

  • 15 Sexual Trees That Prove Mother Nature Has A Dirty Side

    You ever taken a walk in the woods, looked at a tree, and thought, “huh, that kinda looks like a pair of boobies?” Maybe not, but you’d be surprised how many trees look like butts, boobs, dicks, and people having sex. Who said mother nature didn’t have a dirty side? Check out the images below […]

  • 10 Reasons Why Hank Hill Is The Ultimate Redneck Role Model

    In a time where rednecks are represented by some of the worst people in the country, it’s nice to reflect on a man who truly embodied what it means to be a country man- Hank Rutherford Hill. Hailing from Arlen, Texas, Hank loves drinking beer, working on his truck and rooting on the Dallas Cowboys. […]

  • Drunk Redneck Woman Explains Love At Monster Truck Show

    There’s drunk, piss drunk, and then there’s this mess of a woman. What starts out as an interview about monster trucks turns into her giving way too much information about her and her boyfriend banging. I’ve heard some pretty messed up chicks in my lifetime, but this woman doesn’t even sound like she’s speaking English.