The 25 Funniest Michelle Obama Memes on the Internet

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Now that Trump has been elected as our next President, Michelle Obama is no longer who we think of as our first lady. These funny Michelle Obama memes take jabs at her time spent as the first lady, including her hypocrisy, lack of good looks, and crappy ideas. She was always pushing for children to eat healthier, but there are plenty of pictures of Michelle Obama eating junk food. Some of these Michelle Obama memes aren’t very nice, but hey, in the end they’re just here to make you chuckle.

From Michelle Obama eating memes to memes about Michelle Obama being a man, you’ll surely enjoy these if you’re happy that Barack is leaving the White House. I will say this about the Obama family- they were involved in no kind scandals during their time as the first family, and genuinely seem to be well put together and a loving family. That being said, enjoy these funny Michelle Obama pictures and don’t forget to check out some of our other political memes pages.

1. The hypocrisy is strongfunny-michelle-obama-memes-1

2. It’s average, ok?!funny-michelle-obama-memes-2

3. She’s outraged

4. Move over Jake from State Farmfunny-michelle-obama-memes-5

5. Austin Powers knows what’s upfunny-michelle-obama-memes-6

6. Prioritiesfunny-michelle-obama-memes-7

7. The trans bathroom controversy continuesfunny-michelle-obama-memes-8

8. Glad you are willing to admit itfunny-michelle-obama-memes-9

9. 2012 was a great year for herfunny-michelle-obama-memes-10

10. They do kind of look similarfunny-michelle-obama-memes-11

11. That’s just mean lolfunny-michelle-obama-memes-12

12. Aren’t First Ladies supposed to be graceful?funny-michelle-obama-memes-13

13. Only I can eat junk foodfunny-michelle-obama-memes-14

14. Not surprisingfunny-michelle-obama-memes-15

15. She loves those burgersfunny-michelle-obama-memes-16

16. Not shocking at allfunny-michelle-obama-memes-17

17. She did a great job at thatfunny-michelle-obama-memes-18

18. This is why Cookie Monster eats vegetables nowfunny-michelle-obama-memes-19

19. Warp speed!funny-michelle-obama-memes-20

20. Melania will change thisfunny-michelle-obama-memes-21

21. Dammit Michellefunny-michelle-obama-memes-22

22. Yes, yes it does

23. At least one of them appreciates Americafunny-michelle-obama-memes-24

24. Yikes!funny-michelle-obama-memes-25

25. Shots firedfunny-michelle-obama-memes-26

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