Do you avoid routes with bridges because you are scared of crossing them? If so, you might have gephyyrphobia, or a fear of bridges. Whether you’re scared that the bridge will break, or you simply don’t like the appearance of them, if the gephyyrphobia pictures below leave you feeling unsettled then you might discover a new phobia you didn’t know you had. It might seem silly, but it’s not the most irrational phobia. Remember in 1980 when the Florida Skyway Bridge collapsed after being struck by a ship, killing 35 people in the accident? The bridge has since been rebuilt with different safety parameters, but it’s still frightening to think that it could still happen today.

Enough talk, onto the creepy pictures. First there, are the bridges that just look really dangerous to cross. The anxiety these will you bring you is strong if you have gephyrophobia (just try to image yourself crossing these).



Aside from being scared of crossing a bridge in fear of it breaking, there is also a fear of bridges simply because they are creepy looking. Would you cross the bridges below if you were by yourself? I’m not saying they’re haunted, but there’s a good chance they probably are.


So that’s it, what do you think? Do those bridge pictures make you feel uneasy, or can you cross gephyrophobia off your lists of phobias you definitely don’t have? Check out other similar lists on our site, like creepy thalassophobia pictures.

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