Whether you grew up on a farm, ride horses competitively, or simply just love the animal,  horse tattoos can be a great way to rep your affection for such a beautiful creature. The horse tattoo pictures on this list can give you great ideas for your own design, so find your favorites and use them as an inspiration. These examples include both horse tattoos for men and women, and feature an array of different art styles and concepts. Do you have a badass horse tattoo that you want to share? Message FullRedneck on Facebook and we’ll feature your design right here on this page!

1. Cool Horse Skeleton Design

2. Minimal But Powerful Design

3. Horse/Tribal

4. Three Heads With Awesome Colors

5. Middle Horse Has An Awesome Expression

6. Giraffe-Looking Horse

7. Almost Looks Like A Coloring Book

8. Bursting From The Flames

9. Minimalist Equestrian Design

10. Badass Warrior Horse

11. Ghetto But I Like The Horse

12. Unique Design

13. The Tiny Ankle Horse

14. Simple But Looks Nice

15. The Beautiful Senorita Horse

16. Looks Like A Watercolor

17. Horse and Native Woman

18. Simplistic But Well Done

19. The Hey Dude (90’s Kids Will Get It)

20. Native Horse

21. Amazing Color And Realism

22. Horse And Wolf

23. Another Very Realistic Horse

24. Ebony And Ivory

25. Kind Of Derpy But I Like It

26. For Horse Lovers/UFC Fans

27. Hipster Horse Tattoo

28. Native American Superhero Duo

29. Horse With Demon Eyes

30. Not Realistic But Colors Look Great

31. Silver Bullet

32. This Is Too Epic For Words

33. For The Gamblers And Jockeys

34. Good To Represent A Family

35. Another Epic Horse Tattoo

36. Nice Collar

37. Had To Include At Least One Tramp Stamp

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