Would you rather donate a kidney than deliver a public speech? Does the thought of being watched unknowingly by someone make you uncomfortable? If so you might have mild case of scopophobia, a fear of being watched by other people. Scopophobia mostly a social phobia, where the victim feels anxiety in any circumstance where the spotlight is focused on them. It can also be a fear of being watched by someone or something, why is why it’s often associated with schizophrenia.

With that understanding, you can now laugh at the irony of this photo:

Thanks Jimmy Wales, for staring at me while I read about a phobia that involves fear of being stared at. I’m definitely going to donate to Wiki now! The scary scopophobia pictures below might bother you if you have the phobia, but others will simply scroll and not understand.

We’ll start it out lighthearted. This might seem funny to some, but this could bring significant anxiety to someone with scopophobia.


Sometimes scopophobia can just be a fear of being watched, knowingly or not.




Here are a few of those “when you see it” pictures. They really are scary once you realize what you’re looking at.





Those with scopophobia are sometimes scared of eyeballs as well


That’s it, thanks for stopping bye =) Check some of our other phobia lists too, like scary automatonophobia pictures and creepy gephyrophobia photos. You might discover a phobia you didn’t know you had!

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