For many of us, Halloween is the most fun holiday of the year. You get to dress up like an idiot and get drunk like one too, plus there is always enough candy floating around the office to feed a small army. But did you know some people have an intense fear of halloween? It’s known as samhainophobia, which literally means fear of halloween. Samhainophobia is different for everyone, as there are varying levels of the phobia. Some who suffer from it are frightened by the social interactions they’re forced to undergo during Halloween, while others are scared of the scary costumes and decorations that surround the holiday.

Below are 24 samhainophobia pictures that might make you feel anxious if you suffer from the phobia. Some of them will probably creep you out regardless, just wait until you get to the vintage costumes part of the page.

Those who suffer from samhainophobia can become anxious just from people putting up decorations at their houses or businesses:

It comes as no surprise that many who suffer from a fear of halloween are children, frightened by the darkness and scary lore that surrounds the holiday. If you have a child that becomes uncomfortable when decorations start going up, then they might have samhainophobia.

People with samhainophobia are sometimes frightened by halloween costumes, and for good reason. Look how creepy some of this stuff is:





Honestly if you think Halloween costumes are scary now, check out what they used to look in the early 1900’s. I think everyone would be scared of Halloween if the costumes were still like this:







Creepy Halloween Costumes from bewteen 1930's - 1940's (2)



Who can forget the terrifying pumpkins that Halloween subjects us to? Synonymous with Halloween, creepy jack-0′-lanterns can sometimes trigger samhainophobia for certain people.







So what do you make of samhainophobia? Do you have it? Do you think it’s ridiculous? As stated earlier the phobia is most prevalent in children, but can carry over to adulthood, especially if a traumatic incident took place around Halloween as a child. Check out our other phobia lists as well, such as creepy automatonophobia pictures and weird scopophobia photos.

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