There’s no question that there are some strange phobias out there, but coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, is probably one of the most common and rational of them all. From scary vintage clowns to modern day jesters, here are 32 creepy coulrophobia pictures that might help you relate to the fear if you don’t have it.  Coulrophobia is a moderately new phobia, with origins dating back to the 80’s. Some say John Wayne Gacy had a lot to do with the fear of clowns, while others blame Stephen King’s It for the phenomenon.

If you can get through this list without feeling scared or uncomfortable then congratulations, you definitely don’t have coulrophobia. However if these images leave you not wanting to sleep alone tonight, you very well could have some degree of the phobia.







Check out these creepy vintage clown pictures too…why was everything so damn creepy in the early 1900s?

If you’re fascinated by different phobias, why not learn more right here on this site? We have image galleries for phobias like thalassophobia, automatonophobia, and even gephyrophobia. These lists are really fun (and creepy) to look at, but don’t blame us if you find out you have a fear of something you didn’t even know you were scared of.

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