It took thousands of years, but the chickens are finally fighting back. How long did they just peck at the dirt like idiots, waiting to be sent to the slaughterhouse so some obese toddler in Pittsburgh could have shake and bake for dinner? These chickens are bad ass because they’re not going down without a fight. Want some BBQ chicken? You’re gonna have to go 12 rounds against the bird first, and that’s exactly what this lady does.

At the beginning of the video she says “Here comes the worst part of my day,” so she’s definitely been getting her ass handed to her by these chickens for a while.

But seriously, the last person who got this owned by a chicken was Link from Ocarina of Time. Do you remember that game? If you swiped a chicken with your sword one too many times, it would call its friends for help and peck the living shit out of you. Like full on Resident Evil style except with chickens instead of zombies. That’s essentially what happens to this woman, minus the green fairy clothes and Deku Shield.

Don’t mess with chickens in Zelda
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