In a world where people film crappy, potato quality videos every day, you’ve got to be thankful for guys like this. While trapped on a New Jersey highway due to a truck accident ahead, this dude turns his camera on and looks behind him. What does he see? A semi-truck barreling towards him without being able to stop on the icy road. Now any normal human being would probably soil their pants and try to drive away. This dude? He simply sits there and films as the truck misses him by a damn horse hair. If there was an award for calmest person on the planet, I think this guy would easily be in the running. Here it is in GIF form first:

Doesn’t even flinch

Here’s the video of the entire incident, courtesy of user MrLegolize. This guy is so calm that he doesn’t even say a single word while the truck is hurdling towards him. Balls of steel man, balls of steel.

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