If you live in the countryside, you know that it’s not uncommon to find weird stuff while you’re hunting in the woods or hiking a trail that’s off the beaten path. Reddit user Hermit_ can definitely vouch for that, as he was hiking in Oregon this week and accidentally discovered something really weird. According to the story, he was hiking somewhere around White River Falls and noticed something creepy….

Here’s the initial skull that was found, but that’s just the beginning. After noticing this, Hermit_ says he picked up on a trail that led to something strange.

Ok that is definitely a trail of horse skeleton pieces….WTF?

The first carcass that was found.

Horse corpses are just rotting in the area.

Here is one of the horse skeletons, they’re actually kind of cool aside from the creep factor.

Close up of the skeleton.


Dead horses and a dead car.

What the hell happened here anyways? One user suggested foul play- “With the halter, still on and there being multiple horses, you can pretty easily imagine that these horses weren’t put down for their own good, they were killed for pleasure.” No matter what it was, let’s just agree that hiking will always have a certain weirdness to it (hell that’s kind of what we like about it).

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