In the last few years, video games and real life have blended together in a way that one had ever imagined possible. Hell, my old man came into my room years ago while I was playing GTA IV, and it took him ten minutes before he realized I wasn’t watching an episode of COPS. I mean he’s seen every episode of COPS too, so when I was blowing up helicopters with a rocket launcher he must have been like “holy shit this is the best episode of COPS I’ve ever seen in my life.” Anyways the guys over at CorridorDigital have created the best GTA real life parody of all time.

The location is perfect, with a lot of it shot in Venice Beach, CA. But it’s the little details that make this video work so well. For starters the camera angles are spot on, capturing difficult bike and car motions that seamlessly mimic the game. Add some pretty sweet visual effects and you’ve got something that you can’t afford to not watch if you’re a fan of the GTA franchise.

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