When you live in an overcrowded city like Los Angeles, the last thing you want to see after a long day of work is somebody in your parking spot. Unfortunately for LA comedian Whitney Melton, that’s exactly what happened to him this past Friday night.

On his Facebook, Melton wrote, “”After working an 18 hour day, I got home at 3AM and someone was in my parking space.” Extremely annoyed, he decided to write a note for the inconsiderate spot thief. However, Melton’s note didn’t just insult and threaten the person like you would expect. The note was understanding and forgiving, telling the driver that he understands that things happen:

Pretty nice for an angry letter

The note read: “Hi! What is this bullshit? You’re in my space! As you probably know, this neighborhood sucks for street parking. I just spent 30 minutes looking for a space and hiking back. And now I have to wake up and move it for street cleaning too. Let’s not let this happen again ok? I get it, we all do crappy things now and then. But I really hope I never see your car in my space again. If you wanted to do right, when I get home from work tomorrow there will be a six-pack of good beer here.”

To Whitney’s surprise, when he got home from work the following night there was indeed something waiting for him in his parking spot. Turns out the mystery parker did do right in the end- he left Whitney a six pack of Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, a beer that retails for around $17.99 just for a sixer.

Welcome to the good life!

The moral of the story here is that it’s ok to screw people over, as long as you buy them an expensive craft beer afterwards. Honestly though it just goes to show that if you’re willing to show a little forgiveness every once in a while, karma will follow and reward you. Follow Whitney on Twitter if you like to laugh- he’s equally as funny as he is cool.

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