Watch These U.S Veterans With PTSD Smoke Weed for the First Time

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In honor of Veteran’s Day, YouTube Channel WatchCut Video decided to make an interesting video- how would veterans with PTSD react to smoking weed for the first time? Would it help their mental state? As it turns out, a little 420 goes a long way in taking their minds off of the constant stress they face everyday.

As they reveal in the beginning of the video, these three Vets joined the armed services for different reasons. Dan, the oldest of the three was drafted and had no choice. Eric joined to actually get away from the growing drug culture that was spreading during his youth, and Rick joined because of the weak job market that left him without another option. All three of the men describe their struggles with PTSD, with one of them describing it as a thorn in his side that will never go away.

Just as things seem to be getting dark, the host decides to bring out a bong and have the men smoke for the first time since serving. Upon viewing the pipe, one of them asks, “does someone know how to do this?” proving that they truly are novices when it comes to getting high (although Dan admits he used to smoke in the ’60s.)

The results are pretty funny, as these brave vets begin to lose track of time and have a hard time answering the host’s questions. They then pig out on some pizza and chips, and although it’s obvious that weed isn’t a permanent solution to what they’re going through, it does seem to help them ease their minds for a short time. God bless our US Veterans!

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