French Special Forces Blow a Suicide Vehicle to Hell With a Javelin Missile

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Freedom boner incoming! Just gonna say it now- this video is insane. Uploaded to YouTube on November 14th, this intense video captures a suicide vehicle making its way towards French troops before being blown to hell by a javelin missile that nails the car from a 90 degree angle in the air.

Explains Redditor SwedishFool:

Javelin is a tandem shaped charge weapon just like the vast majority of the other anti-armour weapons. It’s not the explosion of the weapon that does damage, it’s the arrow of super hot molten metal that the explosion propels that does the damage. The weapon on the video however is a MILAN. A French manufactured older variant from 1972 that’s still in service.

You can hear the panic in the soldiers voices as the vehicle is getting closer and closer to them. Judging by the massive explosion, we can safely assume that car was at least 50% full of explosives, because holy crap does it give a good boom.

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