Dogs Show Their Guilt When Owner Confronts Them Over Chewed Shoes

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Isn’t it crazy how dogs always know when they did something wrong? We all remember the story of Denver, a guilty dog that went viral when his owner recorded his reaction after getting into the “kitty cat treats.” When confronted with their wrong-doings, dogs have a tendency to hide their faces from the accuser, avoiding eye contact because they know they did something wrong.

The latest dogs to go viral because of their guilty reactions are a dachshund and a pit bull, who crack under pressure when their owner Daniel Martino accuses them of chewing up his shoe insole. 

As Daniel speaks to them in Spanish, the dogs slowly begin to crack. However, it’s not until Daniel throws the insole on the ground that the adorable pit turns his head away from his owner, hiding his face to due to shame. 

“Mr., you over there, did you do this? I am talking to you, look at me,” says Daniel to the pit, who at this point has turned his entire body around and is resting his face on a plant. The dachshund thinks she’s in the clear, but Daniel says to her, ““You’re an accomplice in all of this.”

Even when dogs ruin your stuff, they’re still so darn cute- even when they admit their guilt. Check out the full video below!

In case you haven’t seen the Denver video already, here it is in its entirety. It’s so darn cute, and almost sad with the music playing in the background. Hard to believe this video is 5 years old already- seems like just yesterday we were all falling in love with Denver the guilty dog.

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