What do you get when a younger version of Cheech and Chong save a snake from some netting it’s caught in? Well, you get a hell of viral video, that’s what. These two youngsters may have foul mouths, but I think we could all learn a lesson in compassion from them. When they notice a garter snake is tangled in some green netting, they set out to save it with nothing but a dull knife and some simple ambition. Eventually the snake ends up regurgitating its breakfast, but not for the reason that the uploader of this video thinks. Although the video is titled “Trapped snake thanks it’s rescuers” many people have pointed out that the snake regurgitates its food not as a gift to its saviors, but as stress mechanism so it can escape easier. Would you help a snake like this if you were in the same situation? Let us know in the comments!

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