The 26 Funniest Black Lives Matter Memes That Expose the Movement

It started with good intentions, but now it’s just full blown racist.

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It’s pretty sad that if you disagree with black lives matter, you’re automatically labeled a racist. These 26 hilarious black lives matter memes expose the hypocrisy of the movement, including memes about rioting, looting, and just not giving a damn about black lives when their death isn’t at the hands of a white police officer.

There are plenty of memes about black on black crime on this list, one of the biggest arguments against the BLM movement. Black are killing each other in rates significantly higher than any other race, yet black lives matter only gives a crap when a thug is killed by the police (justified or not.) Some of these black lives matter memes are funny, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s more sad than anything.

1. The biggest problem with the movement…Funny Black Lives Matter Meme (1)

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