The 10 Best Christian Comedians of All Time

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As a Christian comedian, you need to learn to walk the line between being funny and staying true and respectful to your faith. The 10 Christian stand up comics on this list do exactly that, and do it really well. If you’re looking for comedians with Christian material, these are the comics you want to check out. From legends like Chonda Pierce to modern favorite likes Daren Streblow, you’re really going to enjoy these comedians as they joke about church, their relationship with God, and much more.

Do you have a favorite Christian comedian who isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments who your favorite is, and we might add it to the list!

1. Tim Hawkins

One of the more popular Christian comedians working today, Tim Hawkins’ blend of funny song parodies and bits about his family have made him a staple in the Christian community. He has been releasing comedy albums since 2002, with the newest being Pretty Pink Tractor in 2011.


2. Bob Smiley

A very talented but humble Christian comedian, Bob Smiley is relatively new to comedy in that he’s been doing it for about 10 years (that might seem long but many comedians have worked 30+ years in comedy!) He has opened for many Christian bands, and has a few comedy DVDs out that are hilarious.


3. Daren Streblow

It’s hard to say whether or not Daren Streblow is a “Christian comedian,” because although he is a devout Christian, his material doesn’t include many references to his Christian faith. However, Streblow has built a reputation for working squeaky clean, constantly selling out shows at very large churches. His material is observational but family friendly, so definitely check him out if you’re looking for some good family humor.


4. Thor Ramsey

Perhaps best known for his appearances on the Thou Shalt Laugh DVDs, Thor Ramsey is a stellar Christian comic who focuses a lot of his material on God and his faith.


5. Chonda Pierce

Billed as the “Queen of Clean,” Chonda Pierce is a staple in the Christian comedy scene. This woman has done it all, including writing books, starring in movies, selling out theaters, and more. Her stories about growing up in the south are hysterical, and she’s even been called “the country comic” because of her close ties to the south.


6. Mark Lowry

Did you know Christian comedian and songwriter Mark Lowry wrote the Christmas classic “Mary, Did You Know?” Aside from being a talented songwriter, he’s a really funny comedian! Check out a few of his comedy albums and you’ll begin to understand that this guy can do it all.


7. Michael Jr.

The story of Michael Jr.’s jump into the comedy scene is an interesting one. As the story goes, Michael Jr. saw a movie as a kid, when the projector cut out and the lights came on. On a dare, Michael Jr. took center stage and began entertaining the crowd, and the rest was history.


8. Jeff Allen

Of all the Christian stand up comedians on this list, I think Jeff Allen is the only born-again Christian comedian. After struggling with alcohol addiction earlier in life, Jeff became a born-again Christian and began to change his material to be Christian-friendly.


9. Brad Stine

If you’re looking for a Christian stand-up comedian who is a little nutty, look no further than Brad Stine. Many have compared him to the likes of Dennis Leary or Sam Kinison, but with one major difference- his act is 100% clean and Christian friendly.


10. Rich Praytor

It doesn’t hurt for a Christian comic to have “pray” in their name, but Rich Praytor is a hilarious comedian with or without his coincidental name. Praytor honed his craft in Los Angeles at places like the world famous Comedy Store, before expanding to churches so he could reach more people with his message.

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