Nintendo and Vans Release Badass Camo Duck Hunt Shoes

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Alright ya’ll, I’m the last person in the world who cares about fashion. I wear the same pair of jeans everyday and have about 20 t-shirts that I rotate in and out. With that being said, Nintendo and Vans have teamed up to launch a new Nintendo line of shoes, and luckily for us nerdy rednecks they’ve also included a sweet pair of camo Duck Hunt shoes.

Vans Duck Hunt 1

Vans Duck Hunt 2

Vans Duck Hunt 3

Vans Duck Hunt 4

If you don’t know what Duck Hunt is, you just made me feel really old. It was a game that came with Nintendo units back in the ’80s, where you pointed an orange gun at the screen and shot down the ducks that were flying around while your hound laughed it up at you if you didn’t do good enough.

   Laugh it up, ya damn hound

Looking back on this game the technology was actually way ahead of it’s time, doing what the Nintendo Wii would eventually do with it’s motion control gameplay. You can buy the shoes here, but I’d act quick because I have a feeling these aren’t going to last long.

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