The 10 Best Redneck Comedians of All Time

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You know classic redneck comedians like Jeff Foxworthy, but who are some of the other best country comedians in 2016? Our list of southern comedians ranges from legends like “The Mouth of Mississippi” Jerry Clower to modern greats like John Caparulo. After the Blue Collar Comedy Tour became an international sensation in the early 2000s, redneck comedians became a huge commodity. We’re trying to expose ya’ll to some lesser known country comedians as well, so you might see names like Bill Engvall left off the list so that we can show you some guys you don’t know.

Who is your favorite country comedian? There haven’t been too many new funny country acts in the last few years but hopefully there will be soon.

1. John Caparulo

What if I told you there was a comic who was just as good as Larry the Cable Guy, but without the gimmicks and catchphrases? Meet John Caparulo, a hilarious redneck comedian who has made a huge impact in the last 10 years. You might have seen him on the E! show Chelsea Lately, but don’t pigeonhole him as a comic that only women like. His stand up special Meet Cap is critically acclaimed by comics and fans alike, so do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t seen it already. Cap was also featured on the Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation tour, hosted by Bill Engvall.


2. Jerry Carroll

Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, Jerry Carroll got his start as a comedian in 1993. He honed his craft and was soon opening for country acts like Patty Loveless and Lyle Lovett, before eventually becoming a headline act himself. Being a farmer, Carroll is a great rural comedian who incorporates his life on the farm into his act. Today he is best known as the co-host of Amazing America with Sarah Palin, a show on the Sportsman Channel.


3. Vic Henley

If you listen to Sirius XM, you’ve probably heard Vic Henley on either the Blue Collar Comedy channel, Raw Dog, Opie and Jim, or any of the shows he’s constantly being featured on. An Alabama-born comedian, Vic is a hilarious redneck comic that can be considered a hidden gem among the names that you already know.


4. Larry the Cable Guy

He was born with the name Daniel Whitney, but you probably know him best as Larry the Cable Guy. For a good while in the mid 2000’s, Larry was the face of redneck comedians, exploding in popularity as he toured with Jeff Foxworthy’s Blue Collar Comedy Tour. His catchphrase “GIT-T-DUN” is internationally famous, and led to TV shows, commercials, and more great opportunities for the rags to riches redneck. Larry the Cable Guy deserves all his wealth, as it didn’t come easy- the man has been putting out comedy albums since 1995, with the release of Law and Disorder.


5. Jeff Foxworthy

Does this man really need an explanation? You could almost dub Jeff Foxworthy as “king of the rednecks,” as he took the term and made it popular again with his famous “you might be a redneck if” jokes. He’s led a historic comedy tour, starred in his own sitcom, and has a net worth somewhere near $100 million dollars. Whether you like it or not, you’re not so blue collar anymore Jeff!


6. Reno Collier

Reno is an awesome dude who got his start opening for Larry the Cable Guy, and man is this guy hilarious. If you saw the Roast of Larry the Cable Guy on Comedy Central then you know just how funny Reno can be, as he tore into Larry and the other roasters with authority. In 2009 he actually hosted a show called The Great American Road Trip on NBC, but unfortunately for Reno it only ran for one years. Guess you’ll have to go back to doing what you do best- stand up comedy!


7. Jerry Clower

Also known as “The Mouth of Mississippi,” Jerry Clower is a legendary country comedian that was performing southern-based comedy long before the current southern comics of today. He was known for telling hilarious stories about growing up in rural Mississippi, and was a huge influence on modern redneck comedians like Jeff Foxworthy. Before his death in the ’90s, Clower was a member of the Grand Ole Opry, where he performed regularly.


8. Earl Pitts

If you haven’t heard the comedic styling of Earl Pitts, you’re in for a real treat. Pitts is a character played by radio personality Gary Burbank, who uses the character to rant about things in an angry, redneck sort of way. According to Burbank, his Earl Pitts routines are second longest-running syndicated comedy radio bits ever, second only to a Steve Harvey. Chances are if you listen morning drive shows in the south, you’ve probably heard an Earl bit.


9. Tim Wilson

Hailing from Columbus, Georgia, Tim Wilson was a special kind of country act that incorporated comedy into his songs. He passed tragically a few years ago due to a massive heart attack, but left behind over a dozen comedy albums for us to remember him by. Aside from the hilarious songs he performed for his albums, he also wrote for other comics. He most notably wrote Jeff Foxworthy’s classic “Redeck 12 Days of Christmas” song that everyone loved in 1996.


10. James Gregory

Like some of the others on this list, James Gregory is a clean comedian who uses storytelling as his vehicle for humor. He hails from Lithonia, Georgia, and didn’t break into the comedy business until he was 36 years old! Just goes to show that it’s never too late to start anything, no matter how far gone you think something is. Gregory has made appearances on the Bob and Tom Show, John Boy and Billy, and plenty of other redneck radio shows.

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