This Father’s Version of Tennessee Whiskey Will Blow You Away

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Who would have thought that an ordinary dude driving his daughter around in a pickup would be able to belt out one of the best covers of “Tennessee Whiskey” that the world has ever heard? I certainly didn’t, but after watching the video below, I can definitely say that this man has some seriously talent. After all, almost all of us enjoy singing in our cars, but does it ever sound good? 

His name is Kris Jones, and he was a complete nobody before his daughter decided to record him singing the Chris Stapleton classic while he was driving her around. 15 millions views later he is a viral phenomenon, even appearing on Ellen with his daughter to cement his credibility as an unknown talent. Jones acknowledged to Ellen that he put his pursuits of being a country artist to the side to provide for his family, but there was a small surprise waiting for him at the end of their segment.

Check out the raw version of Kris singing “Tennessee Whiskey” below, and then check out his appearance on Ellen where he nailed the tune once again! Unfortunately the man doesn’t have any music of his own yet, but after getting in front of everyone’s eyes with this viral video, that might change soon.

Here is Kris and his daughter on Ellen’s show as well:

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