Whether it’s about working for the weekend or a metaphor for love, Friday is a very popular day that many country artists have written songs about. For this list we showcase our favorite country songs about Friday, including songs from Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Eric Paslay, and more. A few of these country songs are about Friday night, but not all of them have that “hooray it’s the weekend let’s party” vibe.

1. Rascal Flatts - Friday

Found on his 2012 album Change, “Friday” by Rascal Flatts is a great way to kick off your weekend. It’s upbeat tune that expresses the grind of working hard and waiting for the end of the week to have a good time. If you’re stuck in a job that you’re not in love with, this is a great song to cheer you up and remind you that your time to let loose is coming soon. 


2. Lady Antebellum - Friday Night

Lady Antebellum’s “Friday Night” is another upbeat country song about Friday. However this isn’t a Friday night party song, but rather a metaphor for the fun person that the narrator wants to be for their partner- “I wanna be your Friday night sweet ride / Summertime sunshine barefoot in the moonlight”.  You can find the song on their 2011 album Own the Night.


3. Florida Georgia Line - Anything Goes

Florida Georgia Line sure knows how to write a great party song. However it’s interesting to note that their party anthem “Anything Goes” doesn’t sound like your typical country party song. With alternate lyrics it sounds like it could definitely be a ballad, giving it an interesting sound considering the lyrical content- “Everybody goes where everybody knows/ That anything goes on a Friday night”.


4. Eric Paslay - Friday Night

Eric Paslay’s “Friday Night” has the same lyrics as Lady Antebellum’s song. He co-wrote the song for Lady A’s Album. This rendition is still upbeat, but it’s a little more classic than Lady A’s version. If I had to pick between the two though the upbeat nature of Lady A’s version would win my heart over.


5. Kenny Chesney - Another Friday Night

‘Another Friday Night’ by Kenny Chesney is a much more classic sounding country song. It’s a song about ‘another Friday night in the life of a country boy’ going out dancing and having fun with his significant other.


6. Josh Turner - Friday Paycheck

Josh Turner’s ‘Friday Paycheck’ is a song mostly about having a good time while also keeping food on the table. It’s a song about survivability and living check to check without sacrificing a good time.


7. George Jones - Finally Friday

George Jones’s ‘Finally Friday’ is a familiar song from when I was young. It’s much older than anything else on the list. This song is about forgetting about the hardships of work and focusing on the weekend and being free to have fun.


8. Rhett Akins - Friday Night In Dixie

Rhett Akins’s ‘Friday Night In Dixie’ is about partying throughout the night country style. With four-wheel drive vehicles, the sunrise being the curfew. ‘Friday Night In Dixie’ is a wonderful song about just having lots of fun without being restrained.


9. Lee Brice - Sumter County Friday Night

‘Sumter County Friday Night’ by Lee Brice is a quick and upbeat song about fights, hanging out with women. This is a song about having fun with lots of friends. From cow tipping to skinny dipping and just about everything in between.


10. Jake Owen - Yee Haw

Jake Owen’s ‘Yee Haw’ is a steady song, just as upbeat as the rest on this list. This is a song about the fun and happiness associated with Friday night.

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