No matter who you are, it’s always fun to listen to dirty comedians every now and again. Comedy is meant to explore dark and taboo subjects that aren’t very talked about in the real world, and these raunchy comics do it best. You think Kevin Hart is dirty? Wait until you hear Jim Norton talk about banging a hooker and realizing halfway through that she was a tranny. The comics on this list are filthy but genuine, as none of them are dirty just for the sake of being dirty. The list includes comics that joke about sex, rape, drugs, prostitution, and much more.

1. Jim Norton

If filth was wine, Jim Norton would be a highly esteemed sommelier. This is a man that isn’t just hamming it up for the sake of being dirty, as he really has lived a life of debauchery up to this point. Between his stories about hookers, trannies, and childhood blowjobs, Norton will gross you out and make you pee yourself laughing at the same time. You can find him on the Opie with Jim Norton show on SiriusXM, but he also tours his stand up act fairly regularly.


2. Louis CK

What can be said about a man who calls his own 2-year old daughter a c*nt? Louis CK isn’t just one of the most genius comics working today, but also one of the dirtiest. From bits about wiping the crap out of his daughter’s vagina to imaging literal scenarios where someone is sucking a bag of dicks, Louis isn’t afraid to put disgusting imagery into your head while he’s making you laugh.


3. Dave Attell

As a comedy veteran who has been entertaining us for years, Dave Attell needs no introduction. His Comedy Central show Insomniac with Dave Attell had a great run in the early 2000’s, but if you really want to hear a raw, filthy comic whose craft is laser honed in, go see him live sometime. His crowd work is brutal and effortless, and I have personally seen him eviscerate annoying audience members without even breaking a sweat.   


4. Rich Vos

If you don’t live in the New York Tri-State area, you probably aren’t familiar with Rich Vos. This New Jersey native made a name for himself years ago, and isn’t afraid to talk about his past drug addiction, and many other provocative subjects. If you watched the first season of Last Comic Standing, you might recognize Vos, as he came in 3rd place.


5. Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly is a fantastic comic who has been making appearances all over TV in the last few years, including spots on Louie has Louis’ brother, and on the FX show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll as Bam Bam. In 2005 Kelly opened up for his good friend Dane Cook on his Tourgasm tour, performing his raunchy comedy to sold out stadiums.


6. Amy Schumer

She’s one of the biggest names in comedy right now, and there’s a good reason for that. Amy Schumer is not only hysterical, but also ridiculously dirty. In a world where controversial humor is dominated by male comics, it’s nice to see a woman who can one up the boys. Her material includes many stories and jokes about sex, alcohol, and even rape, so don’t bring your grandma to see her, no matter how cute she thinks Amy look.


7. Bob Saget

I know what you’re thinking - “Bob Saget? You mean Danny Tanner from Full House? How can this guy be a dirty comic?” It’s weird when you first hear his act, but Saget is actually one of the raunchier comics that is out there. He will absolutely ruin Full House for you, especially when (spoiler alert) he reveals in his act that he used to sleep with the girl who played Kimmy Gibbler. 


8. Artie Lange

What’s not to love about a heroin addict with enough raunchy stories to last 100 lifetimes? Longtime third mic of the Howard Stern radio show, Lange is a God in the Northeast. He’s had his ups and downs during his career, but hey - that’s what makes for the best kind of comedy. 

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