Whether it’s about going to service in the morning or relaxing in the sun in the afternoon, the best country songs about Sunday perfectly capture what it’s like to relax on your last day of the weekend. Some of the Sunday country songs on this list use Sunday to demonstrate their desires, like in Charlie Rich’s “A Sunday Kind of Woman.” Others, like “Sun Daze” by Florida Georgia Line, are simply about soaking up the sun and having some drinks on a Sunday afternoon. We hope you like this Sunday country song playlist for your Sunday- check out some of our other country lists, as well, like the best country songs about Friday or Saturday.

1. Craig Morgan - That’s What I Love About Sunday

Released on his 2005 album My Kind of Livin’, Craig Morgan’s “That’s What I Love About Sunday” is a simple country song about Sunday that gives thanks for the little things in life- “That’s what I love about Sunday / Cat-napping on the porch swing / You curled up next to me / The smell of jasmine wakes us up


2. Dolly Parton- Chicken Every Sunday

Dolly Parton’s “Chicken Every Sunday” is a great country song about growing up in a poor family. The narrator of the song recalls how certain people in town look down on her family because they don’t have a lot of money, mocking them for not being able to afford a country club membership or other lavish things. The narrator isn’t really affected by this though, because she knows that the simple pleasures her family has and the love between them doesn’t need money to operate on- “We’ve got chicken every Sunday and the preacher comes around / And every Saturday morning daddy takes us all to town / And we’d go to the picture show or picnics on the ground / Oh that’s the lower class and / I’m glad that’s what I am.”


3. Keith Urban - Raining On Sunday

Originally recorded by country artist Radney Foster in 1999, “Raining on Sunday” was covered years later by Keith Urban on his 2003 album Golden Road. “Raining on Sunday” is a love song about having fun with your partner while it’s storming outside- “Pray that it’s raining on Sunday / Stormin’ like crazy / We’ll hide under the covers all afternoon / Baby whatever comes Monday / Can take care of itself.”


4. Charlie Rich- A Sunday Kind of Woman

From his 1989 album I Love Country, “A Sunday Kind of Woman” is a song about a man who yearns for a real quality lady. As implied by the title, a Sunday kind of woman is the kind of lady that you would take with you to church, to meet your family, and eventually marry. The narrator of the song worries that he’s not good enough for a woman like this- “What would a Sunday kind of woman / A Sunday kind of woman want an everyday man like me?”


5. Keith Urban- I Never Work on a Sunday

From his self-titled album in 1991, “I Never Work on a Sunday” by Keith Urban is a classic country song about appreciating your days off from work. In the song, the narrator talks about how the Sunday is his day of rest away from the office, and he drives out to the country to be along. Ironically he gets stranded there with car troubles, and when he calls a tow truck the driver also tells him he doesn’t work on Sundays. The main message of the song is that sometimes we get too caught up with work, and that it shouldn’t spill over into the weekends when our minds are supposed to be at ease.


6. Willie Nelson- Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down

If you’ve ever shopped at an Ikea by yourself, you can probably relate to the great Willie Nelson’s “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down.” The narrator of the song feels the pain of being alone on Sundays, watching the happy couples and families have fun together while he is half-drunkenly walking the streets alone- “In the park I saw a daddy with the laughing little girl that he was swinging / And I stopped beside a Sunday school and listened to the songs they were singing.”


7. Reba McEntire - Sunday Kind Of Love

From her famous 1988 album Reba, “Sunday Kind of Love” is another country song about Sunday that has to do with finding someone to love for life. The narrator of the song wants a love that will extend past Saturday night into Sunday morning, not just one night of fun- I want a Sunday kind of love / A love to last past Saturday night / And I’d like to know / It’s more than love at first sight / I want a Sunday kind of love.”


8. Florida Georgia Line- Sun Daze

From their second studio album Anything Goes, “Sun Daze” is a feel good country song about drinking in the sun and just having a good time. The song doesn’t specifically mention the word Sunday, but the word play of the title suggests that this is a country song about having fun on Sunday.

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