Roman Reigns Meme 1

Poor Roman. He has been pushed to be the guy time and time again, and WWE fans all over the world just aren’t having it. These Roman Reigns memes on this page make fun of his inability to win the crowd over. Vince has done everything to try and get Roman over with the crowd, including having The Rock come out and do all but beg for the crowd to cheer for Roman. Some of these funny Roman Reigns memes address this relationship with The Rock, and they are ridiculously funny. Roman’s latest line is, “I’m not a bad guy, I’m not a good guy…I’m THE guy” but the fans aren’t buying that either. When will Vince just let him turn heel already?

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1. When The Rock Tries To Put Roman Over

Roman Reigns Meme 1


2. Another Hilarious Comparison


3. And The Final One, These Are So Good


4. Porky Reigns


5. Another Looney Toons One


6. Him Being Over Is Just As Silly


7. GTA IV Fans Will Love This One


8. Look Out We’ve Got a Badass


9. Can You Hear It?


10. Even His Relative Is Amused


11. Yes, Yes You Are


12. It’s Good Enough


13. Give Us Lesnar Over Reigns Any Day


14. Sad But True


15. He’s Shocked


16. I’m Getting The Feeling No One Likes Him


17. Worst Kind of WWE Fans


18. Leggo


19. He Actually Said This


20. He Ruins Every Pay-Per-View


21. If Only You Could, Austin


22. Perfectly Said


23. Yes Please


24. You Do That, Just Stay Away From The Ring


25. Don’t Mess With The Beast Incarnate

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