A lot of the best country songs about flying are metaphors for love or relationships, and we wanted to list our favorites. There are country songs about flying away, like Dolly Parton’s “Time For Me To Fly,” and there are other songs about flying that symbolize being high on drugs, like Garth Brooks’ “A New Way to Fly.” No matter what kind of metaphors are being used, these are all good country songs about flying like an eagle, so enjoy this playlist and let us know if there are any other country flying songs that we should have added to the list. Most of these are country songs with “Fly” in the title or lyrics.

1. John Denver - Fly Away

One of the biggest hits of John Denver’s career, “Fly Away” was featured on his Windsong album in 1975. The audience can hear the talented Olivia Newton-John singing softly along with Denver on this track. Not just a song, “Fly Away” is a more sonic ode to longing for simpler times and a simpler way of life. The lyrics of the song appeal those wishing for the return of simple life: “Where are my days? Where are my nights? / Where is the springtime?”


2. Dolly Parton- Time For Me To Fly

Released on the album White Limozeen in 1989, “Time For Me To Fly” by Dolly Parton encourages all those surviving a broken relationship alone to not give up.

A pop tune with bluegrass flavor, ‘Time For Me To Fly” highlights the tender feelings of a severely heartbroken person who is saddened with loss of love in life. She feels love has faded away though she has tried holding on hard. She finds comfort in going away even though it hurts to say goodbye- “Time for me to fly / Got to set myself free / That’s how it’s got to be / I know it hurts to say goodbye / But it’s time for me to fly.”


3. Garth Brooks- A New Way to Fly

“A New Way to Fly” performed by Garth Brooks on his 1990 album No Fences describes the life course of a successful relationship. The lyrics of the song draw a comparison between the state of falling in love and the state of feeling high on drugs.


4. The Bellamy Brothers- I’ll Fly Away

“I’ll Fly Away,” a reggae flavored version of the gospel classic,  was released by the Bellamy Brothers on their album Reggae Cowboys in 1998. This song is about celebrating faith in God. It is an optimistic song about an eternal life and earthly death that leads to everlasting life in glory with Christ in the afterlife. The word ‘hallelujah’ in the lyrics is used as an expression of worship to God.


5. Dave Dudley- Eagles Fly Alone

Dave Dudley’s “Eagles Fly Alone” is a song about a man who just doesn’t have the desire to settle down with one woman. The narrator sings to a woman that he is an eagles, and that eagles fly alone- “Thank you girl it’s been so much fun / you know me I gotta get up and run / I never had a nest don’t want a home / sorry girl eagles fly alone.”


6. Sugarland- Fly Away

Sugarland released “Fly Away” in 2004 on their album Twice the Speed of Life. One of biggest hits in their career, the song reflects upon a young girl’s desire to chase her dreams. However, listeners may discover that the song also illustrates the writer’s morbid contemplation of suicide- “Carry me, oh so far away / May my body never touch the ground / And If I promise you I’ll be back someday / Will you set me free so I can fly away?”


7. Townes Van Zandt- To Live is to Fly

The elegant Texas troubadour Townes Van Zandt authored some of the finest songs ever written over the course of his time. He possessed a kind of effortless gift for song writing, and “To Live is to Fly” is perhaps the greatest work of that effortlessness, grace and ease.

Lyrics like “Everything is not enough/ and nothing’s too much to bear” describes a bitter yearning and a rather sympathetic acknowledgment of human predicament. In the end he encourages listeners not to think too much on things, and to leave behind them even though they appears to be difficult.


8. Anne Murray- Flying on Your Own

Released in 1988, “Flying on Your Own” was one of the finest creations from Murray’s album As I Am. Blending beauty, innocence and charm, “Flying on Your Own” can easily touch you and give you hope if you’re feeling blue. One important piece of advice in this song is don’t get disheartened whether you stumble or fall, because each of your falls will pave the way to other successes-  “First you stumble, then you fall / You reach out and you fly / There isn’t anything that you can’t do.”


9. Maddie & Tae- Fly

“Fly” was released in January 2015 by American country music duo Maddie & Tae. The song is an inspirational message backed by acoustic instruments and a prominent fiddle. “Fly” is not about when the going is easy and the path is smooth, but rather an awakening call for when everything’s going wrong. It’s about climbing the ladder even though the ground is shaking and constantly try reaching though and break free.


10. Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn & Tammy Wynette - Let Her Fly

An emotional song featuring the phenomenal trio Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, & Tammy Wynette, “Let Her Fly” was released in 1993 on the album Honk Tonk Angels. Parton’s “Let Her Fly” is set at the funeral of the narrator’s mother. She sings, “She’s an angel, let her fly. She is gone on to Glory in her home in the sky.”

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