Redneck Mower 5

If you’re a lucky redneck, then you might have a nice John Deere ride-on mower that allows you to comfortably cruise around while you mow your lawn. If you’re a regular redneck like the rest of us, you’ve probably got some piece of crap that is thrown together from a million different parts are barely runs. The funny redneck mowers in the pictures below honor the blue collar redneck in all of us, who mow our lawns and get the job done, no matter how crappy our redneck tractors are. Some are redneck tractors, while others are manual lawnmowers that only a redneck would actually use.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve got a redneck lawnmower like the ones in these pictures- we’d sure love to see it if you’ll send us a picture. Post it on our Facebook page, over at

1. This One Is Actually Nice


2. Looks Like Redneck Mario Kart


3. What the Hell Am I Looking At?


4. Now Those Are Some Fat Tires

Redneck Mower 5


5. Absolutely Ridiculous


6. When Your Grill Also Mows Lawns


7. Fast and Furious Mower Edition


8. The Classic Bike Mower


9. Don’t Think It Cuts Grass But Pretty Cool

Redneck Mower 10


10. Redneck as They Come


11. My Favorite One


12. Only In America


13. OK That Is Amazing

Redneck Mower 14


14. It’s Even Got A Moonshine Holder


15. Redneck Laziness Is A Beautiful Thing


16. Another Sweet Bike Mower


17. The Civil War: 2016


18. Actually Looks Kind of Cool


19. As Redneck As They Come


20. Flames Make Everything Faster


21. The Long Mower


22. The Deere Chopper


23. Room For Your Girl on the Back


24. Redneck Ingenuity


25. Is That Really More Efficient?


26. The Audi-Tractor Thing

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