Album Review: Demun Jones Shines With #Beast

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Country rapper Demun Jones picked an interesting day to release his sophomore studio album #Beast. Friday the 13th is supposed to be a day of bad luck, but for anyone who gets their hands on this album, it’s going to be anything but.

If you’re not familiar with Demun Jones, you should be. A former member of the highly successful country rap/rock band Rehab, Demun released his first solo rap album Jones Country in 2014 on the Average Jones Entertainment label, founded by fellow country rapper Colt Ford. Two years later Jones has gifted us with #Beast, his second album that really shows his growth as an innovative solo artist.

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I’m going to just say this up front- if you like bumping country rap anthems in your truck, then you’re going to need to get this album. The album’s opening track “Truck Music” featuring Charlie Farley is a banger that brings the energy up immediately and sets a precedent for every song that follows. It admittedly has less of a country vibe to it, but the use of the banjo on the next track “My Town” quickly reminds us that Demun’s innovative blend of backwoods music and rap anthems isn’t going away anytime soon.

One thing I love about #Beast is how varied the tracks are, and the third track “Bronco” featuring Jelly Roll is most evident of that. Jones delivers a club-worthy dance song in “Bronco,” and it’s hard to imagine that country girls everywhere won’t be getting low to this every time it’s played. Check out the music video below- I’ve never seen a mixture of hot girls and mechanical bulls that I didn’t like.

Every track that follows on #Beast proves that there isn’t a bad song on the entire album. “The Pit” featuring Big Smo is one of the best mud pit anthems I’ve ever heard. “Highway in my Blood” is a catchy southern rock/rap track that is perfect for those long drives by yourself on the open road. Demun even gives singing a go in “So Wonderful,” a softer song that is dedicated to his wife and two young daughters. Says Jones about the track, “They’re my most favorite thing in my life. I love coming home to my family and I wanted to express that feeling with a song.”

As if Demun wasn’t already awesome on his own, he brought a lot of friends with him on #Beast that make some of the songs that much better. The album features guest spots by Charlie Farley, Jelly Roll, Big Smo, The Lacs, Danny Boone, Alexander King, Colt Ford, Noah Gordon, and Cypress Spring.

Final Verdict:

When you listen to #Beast, you aren’t listening to a rap album that feels like it was built in a laboratory by executives. You also aren’t listening to some bogus rapper who is fronting and saying things he doesn’t mean. What you are listening to is a real ass dude who raps about what he knows best, and there’s no doubt that it’s 100% straight from his heart.

I give the album a sincere 5 stars out of 5, and will go as far as saying that this is a must-own album for fans of country rap. You can buy the album now on iTunes.

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