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  • Watch This Epic Moose Fight Break Out On An Alaskan Driveway

    If you live in Alaska, seeing a moose in your neighborhood is dime a dozen. However, it’s not everyday that you see a badass moose fight break out right in front of you. Fortunately for us, YouTube user Kelli was kind enough to upload a video of exactly that, and it’s pretty freaking epic. The sound of […]

  • This Chameleon Got Woken Up From His Nap, And He’s Cranky As Hell

    What human being can’t relate to Gringo the chameleon, a lizard that just wants to get some sleep? You’ve dozed off, you’re having an awesome dream about camouflaging and stuff, and BAM! Some jerk wakes you up for no apparent reason. It doesn’t help that he’s blasting Regulate by Warren G in the background, either. […]

  • Dude Completely Shreds The Blues On A Wal-Mart Kid’s Guitar

    As someone who plays guitar myself, this is exactly the type of video that leaves me wondering why I even try. Sure there are the Victor Wooten bass solos and the unbelievable talent of guitarists like Steve Vai, but what you’re about to see is something special. While shopping at a local Wal-Mart, Texas native […]

  • Meet The CEO Who Purposefully Got Shot In The Nuts

    Remember the guy who purposefully got his windshield shot at while he was behind the wheel, just to prove how strong his bulletproof glass was? Well that man has just been one upped in a big way. Enter Jeremiah Raber, the CEO of a protective cup company called Nutshellz, who believed in his product so […]

  • Freestyle Champion Ant Burgess Is Superman On A Jet Ski

    When I ride on a jet ski, my main objectives are usually go fast, and don’t die. I thought everyone had that mentality when getting behind a vehicle that could violently launch you into rocks at any given moment, but Ant Burgess has proved me wrong. Winner of the Jet Ski World Cup (who knew […]

  • Woman Gets Attacked By Crazy Ass Chickens

    It took thousands of years, but the chickens are finally fighting back. How long did they just peck at the dirt like idiots, waiting to be sent to the slaughterhouse so some obese toddler in Pittsburgh could have shake and bake for dinner? These chickens are bad ass because they’re not going down without a […]

  • ‘My Butthole Hurts’ Girl Is The New David After Dentist

    It’s always a dick move to film someone as soon as they wake up from having surgery, but when you capture gold like this it doesn’t matter. After awakening from a state of unconsciousness in the hospital, this girl complains that her butthole hurts before ripping an astronomically loud fart that even your cousin Bubba […]