26 Crazy Lip Tattoos That Look Like They Hurt

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I don’t think I could ever get a lip tattoo because of the pain, so the people on this list are certainly braver than me in that regard. From lip tattoos of people’s names to pictures of hearts and dinosaurs, these 26 lip tattoo pictures prove that there’s no place off limits when it comes to getting ink on your body. What’s next? Lung tattoos? Ink on the heart? These crazy lip tattoos kind of push the limit when you think of body parts that would have tats.

Would you ever get a lip tattoo? Do you have one now? Let us know in the comments below, especially if you’re someone who wants to get one.

1. Ironically probably won’t be anyone’s boss


2. The slack jawed yokel?


3. Skull and bones


4. Don’t forget to be awesome


5. Keep calm and don’t panic


6. Makes sense for a lip tattoo


7. But won’t that hurt?


8. Guy must really love fish


9. Hella cool bro


10. Hello Kitty


11. Not bad, yourself?


12. Lucky guy


13. There’s a dinosaur in your mouth


14. Key of some sort?


15. Peace and love brah


16. Classy


17. Cause she’s a musician guys


18. Is the secret that you have a lip tattoo?


19. Rawr


20. It’s OK, we forgive you


21. Smiley face


22. Don’t apologize!


23. No

Lip Tattoo (23)


24. Star power


25. In case you forget your name


26. We already saw one like that!

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