The 10 Best Kane Brown Songs

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He’s one of the hottest new country artists of 2016, so we had to make a list of the 10 best Kane Brown songs. Brown only has two studio albums right now, Closer from 2015, and Chapter 1, which was released earlier this year. However every song on both albums is good, and when you combine other singles there are plenty of good tracks to talk about here.  Kane Brown songs like “Don’t Go City on Me” and “Used to Love You Sober” have put him on everyone’s radar, and with a new album out this year, Kane shows no signs of stopping.

What is your favorite Kane Brown song? This Tennessee boy is only 22 years old, so listen to all these songs now and tell your friends in 10 years that you knew Kane before he was big.

1. Don’t Go City on Me

From his first studio album Closer, “Don’t Go City in Me” remains among Kane Brown’s greatest hits so far in his career. The narrator of the song is pleading to someone he knows to not forget their country roots, and they’ve changed ever since they moved to a bigger city- “Don’t go city on me / Please girl, keep it country / Life’s so different since you crossed those tracks / Bring that pretty little accent back.”


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