The 10 Best Football Movies on Netflix Instant

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It’s missing a lot of classics, but there is still a pretty nice collection of football movies on Netflix. From feel-good movies like Gridiron Gang to incredible football documentaries like Undefeated and The U, Netflix football movies offer something for everyone. Among our list of football movies streaming on Netflix is Four Falls of Buffalo, an ESPN 30 for 30 movie about the Buffalo Bills team that went to four Super Bowls in a row without winning a single one. This is a fantastic look into something that is quite the phenomenon, whether you’re a Bills fan or not.

When any new football movies on Netflix come out, we’re going to add them to this list. Similarly, we will remove movies if they get taken off of Netflix.

1. Four Falls of Buffalo

If you were a fan of the Buffalo Bills in the early ’90s, you know exactly what is it feels like to be disappointed and proud at the same time. That’s because during that time, Buffalo became the only team to lose four Super Bowls in a row, an achievement that honestly will probably never be matched. Four Falls of Buffalo tells the story of those 4 years, with inside interviews from players like Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, and more. This is a fantastic documentary whether you are a Bills fan or not, and I strongly recommend it.


2. All Things Fall Apart

All Things Fall Apart isn’t a bad movie by any means, but let me put it this way- it stars rapper 50 Cent as the main character. In the movie, 50 plays Deon, a football player who is battling cancer. 50 Cent supposedly dropped a ton of weight to play the sick Deon, and achieved the quick weight loss by going on a liquid diet. This one is a little less about football and more about the drama surrounding one man’s life, but it’s still a good Football movie on Netflix nonetheless.


3. Gridiron Gang

You know the premise to this one- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as Sean Porter, an employee at Kilpatrick Detention Center in LA. He forms a ragtag teams of inmates, and after a rocky start they miraculously become a cohesive football team that is capable of winning a championship. It’s got laughs, some serious moments, and some good football action, so give this one a try if you’re looking for a little drama with your football.


4. Radio

Radio is a little less about football and more about the relationship between a football coach and his special friend. Coach Harold Jones meets a mentally challenged boy named Radio by chance when he finds the football team has been bullying him. The movie is about the relationship between Radio and Coach Jones, as Radio struggles to find acceptance by the people around him. The movie is semi-autobiographical, as it’s based on the true life story of James Robert “Radio” Kennedy.


5. The Roughnecks

If you think pee wee football is no big deal, you must not be from the south. Following the Forth Worth Ridglea Roughnecks, The Roughnecks take the viewer inside the world of America’s most competitive pee wee football team as they fight to win the youth football championship. This documentary is pretty intense, mostly because of the borderline crazy parents who are pushing their kids as hard as they can.


6. The U

One of the most popular entries in the ESPN 30 for 30 series, The U is a great college football documentary about the dominant University of Miami football program in the 1980s. The film is directed by Billy Corben.


7. Undefeated

Directed by Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin, Undefeated is a critically acclaimed football documentary about a high school football team trying to turn their luck around after many losing seasons. The film has been praised by critics and football fans alike, and even won an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2012.


8. Underdogs

Based loosely on events that took place in Canton, Ohio, Underdogs is the story of Bobby Burkett, a talented young quarterback who plays for a terrible high school team. A lot of drama unfolds, particularly because he and his rival school’s quarterback have the same love interest. His father also works for the rival quarterback’s father, which is a little corny but it’s a pretty decent movie nonetheless.


9. We Could Be King

We Could Be King is like one of the last seasons of Friday Night Lights come to life. The documentary is about Germantown and Martin Luther King High School, two schools that are forced to combine into one after massive layoffs in Philadelphia. We Could Be King is a very inspirational movie about the struggle to motivate young men, particularly young men who have bad blood between each other.


10. Catching Faith

Look, I’m not going to lie. This is the worst movie on this list, and I only included it because I needed to round it out with 10. The acting is terrible, it’s low budget, and not really a great watch unless you’re a devout Christian. There is football in the movie however. At least I’m honest right?

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