The 10 Best Crime TV Shows on Netflix

Were you a detective in another life? If you watch as many crime TV shows as we do, the answer might be yes. We’ve put this list of the best crime shows on Netflix together to help fuel your binge-watching addiction, including police shows like CSI NY, Forensic Files, Making a Murderer, and more. Netflix crime shows include both fictional police procedural shows, as well as chilling crime documentaries that shed a light on real incidents that have occurred. Making a Murderer in particular is one of the most talked about crime documentaries on Netflix, due to controversial story of a killer who claims he is innocent. The Netflix original murder documentary set the world on fire in 2015, leaving the popular crime podcast Serial completely overshadowed. If you haven’t seen this one, get ready for one of the craziest stories you’ve ever heard in your life.

We’re updating this list of crime dramas on Netflix as new shows come in, so check back each month to see what shows have been removed or added. Let us know what your favorite crime show on Netflix is in the comments, especially if the show isn’t on our list!

1. Criminal Minds

It’s hard to believe that Criminal Minds has been around for over 10 years, and what’s crazier is that is shows no signs of stopping. Following a group of FBI profilers, Criminal Minds gives a great look into the personal lives of FBI profilers, and the tight line they walk between civilian and cop. The first season just might be the least exciting of all of them (although it’s still great), so give this show a chance before ruling it out. The series was recently renewed for a twelfth season on CBS, and has spun two spin-off series since it’s inception.



Running for 9 seasons on CBS, CSI NY is a massively successful crime TV show that aired from 2004 to 2013. The series follows a group of investigators working for the New York City crime lab, led by Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise.) I’m not sure if I can really say if this is better or worse than any of the other CSI shows, but watch a few episodes and you’ll know if you’re hooked or not.


3. Crossing Lines

Originally airing in Italy, Crossing Lines eventually came to America in the form of NBC in 2013, before making its way to Netflix. The series follows Carl Hickman, a washed up detective who is recruited to a special crime unit within the International Criminal Court, where he works with a team that investigates crimes that cross international borders. The series has been criticized by some for not portraying the ICC properly, but it’s still a fun show if you like fictional police procedural shows.


4. Forensic Files

Did you know Forensic Files first aired in 1996 in the form of a show called Medical Detectives? The series became a hit right at the time of the O.J Simpson trial, where average citizens became curious about the world of forensic evidence. The series wasn’t known as Forensic Files until years later, well into its syndication run. Forensic Files is a documentary-style whodunit, presenting a mystery in the beginning of the show and taking the viewer on a journey of evidence gather and analysis that ultimately proves the person in question guilty or innocent.


5. Hawaii Five-O

If you’re a youngster, you might not realize that Hawaii Five-0 is actually a reboot of a show with the same name, which aired in the from the 1968-1980. CBS revived the series in 2010, bringing in talent like Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan to elevate the show to new levels of excitement. With a good looking cast and an exotic location, you really can’t go wrong with this one if you like action and the occasional cheesy line of dialogue.


6. Law & Order SVU

There’s a reason why SVU is the only Law & Order show that is still making new episodes, and that’s because it’s a great series. SVU centers around a Special Victims Unit in New York that investigates crimes of a sexual nature. You might know this as the show that Ice T is in, ever since John Mulaney did a hilarious bit about the show in his stand up act.


7. Making a Murderer

If you haven’t seen this Netflix original yet, what are you waiting for?! When Making a Murderer debuted on Netflix in 2015, everyone stopped what they were doing and binge-watched this incredible documentary that follows Steven Avery, an imprisoned man who claims he’s innocent. There are so many twists and turns to this story that I can’t even write about them without spoiling, so do yourself a favor and watch this before the others on this list.


8. Numb3rs

Although it only ran for 5 seasons on CBS, Numb3rs was a pretty unique crime drama that focused around a math genius who helps his FBI agent brother solve crimes. If you are someone who is heavily involved with the field of mathematics watch this show with a grain of salt, as not every episode features the most accurate equations.


9. White Collar

Doesn’t White Collar just sound like the name of a show that would air on the USA Network? Originally airing on USA in 2009, White Collar follows ex-criminal Neal Caffery, who strikes a deal with FBI agent Peter Burke to let him become a consultant in exchange for early release. White Collar was another show that was extremely well-reviewed, due to the chemistry between lead characters and its witty dialogue.


10. The Killing

The Killing is one of the many shows that was brought back to life by Netflix. This dark crime drama is an American remake of the Danish show Forbrydelsen, or “The Crime.” It aired on AMC for its first three seasons, before ending on Netflix with season 4. The Killing was very well received by critics, so check it out if you’re looking for something a little less cookie-cutter from the other entries on this list.

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