Can you believe that The Fast and the Furious franchise is 15 years old now in 2016? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were getting our first taste of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel on the big screen together. The funny Fast and Furious memes on this list will take you through just about every movie in the franchise, including Tokyo Drift memes, Paul Walker memes, and more. It’s a damn shame that we lost Walker in the car crash, and it’s certainly ironic that he died in that fashion considering his reputation with the series. Hopefully he is racing for pink slips in Heaven now.

Which Fast and the Furious meme is your favorite? Let us know in the comments if any were too offensive for you. There were some pretty bad ones revolving around Paul Walker’s death, but I didn’t include but one of those since he was a good guy.

1. Don’t Think About Logic in These Films


2. C’mon Vin…Gross


3. The Quote That Started It All


4. Every Parking Garage Ever


5. That Thing A Turbo?


6. Pretty Much


7. We Watch For The Action Maury


8. Makes Sense


9. When NBA Meets Fast and Furious


10. Every High School Kid


11. Too Much Creatine


12. Scumbag Steve Doesn’t Understand Drifting


13. I’d See It


14. The Ultimate Product Placement


15. Can’t Believe That Was 15 Years Ago


16. Doesn’t Have To Make Sense


17. Those Things Are Indestructible


18. Hey They’re Not THAT Bad


19. Shutup Wonka, We Like Them!


20. Look Out For Blue Shells


21. This One Is Really Really Bad. RIP


22. The Best One On The List


23. RIP You Crazy Man

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