The 31 Funniest Redneck Cars You’ll Ever See

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Living in the south means getting to see ugly redneck cars that make you laugh out loud every time you see them. From terrible mods to ridiculous lifts on cars that don’t need them, these redneck vehicles are a sight for sore eyes to say the least. Let’s be fair though- if you grew up in a small town, you know that a lot of folks don’t have deep pockets, thus requiring them to drive a redneck car that isn’t the prettiest thing in the world. If you drive a funny redneck car, we’d love for you to send us some pictures. We’ll even add it to this list if you want us to!

We’ve included a few redneck trucks, but we have an entirely separate page for that you should check out. Try not to laugh too hard at these, but definitely don’t feel bad if you can’t help but delight in these funny redneck cars.

1. Redneck Car Repairs Are Always Great


2. Looks Safe Enough


3. Can’t Tell If Cool Or Retarded


4. Someone Please Destroy This Creepy Thing


5. Now This is More Like It


6. Let’s Take The Boat Car Out For a Bit


7. Look at This Abomination


8. When You Want To Have A Turtle House


9. Another Genius Redneck Car Repair


10. Is That a Wheelchair?


11. OK That Is Hilarious


12. Imagine That Cop Chasing You


13. Redneck Gas Tank Caps Are Awesome


14. Might Be The Ugliest Redneck Car Ever


15. No Words For This


16. That’s Not Ugly At All


17. Only a Redneck


18. That’s Actually Pretty Badass


19. Not Enough Power


20. The Coziest Redneck Car Ever


21. Wonder If It Even Runs

Redneck Car 21


22. “Kill Me… Killll Meeee….”


23. Are You Kidding Me?


24. Nice Cab

Redneck Car 24


25. Half Car, Half Machine


26. Seeing This Isn’t Uncommon In The Boondocks


27. If Catdog was a Car


28. When The Zombie Apocalypse Happens


29. When Your Car Is A Semi-Truck


30. I Have No Idea How To Describe This


31. When Your Car Is A Skateboard Ramp

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