We all love watching Duck Dynasty on A&E, so why not laugh at some funny Duck Dynasty memes while we’re waiting for new episodes to come out? This list includes the best Duck Dynasty memes, featuring Willie, Si, Jase, Phil, and more. Some of these are more like Duck Dynasty quotes (including several gems from Si) but the rest are memes that comment on the show or characters, rather than just repeat something they said on the show. It’s hard to believe that Duck Dynasty is just about 10 years old- doesn’t it seem just like yesterday that we were watching the pilot for the very first time?

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1. The Redneck Jay-Z


2. Smart Man


3. Best Catchphrase Ever


4. Si Is Too Hip


5. Dammit Si Don’t Rub It In


6. Jace Showing Why He’s a Genius


7. How Are These Guys So Smart?


8. Si Is Too Dope


9. Perfect Pronunciation


10. Beards Are Life


11. Another Good One on Beards


12. Such Eclectic Tastes


13. Unless They Are a Yankee Jackass


14. He’s Proven Himself Right


15. Looking Pretty in Pink


16. #BeardGoals


17. Fathers Know This To Be True


18. If Only It Were That Easy


19. Even Babies Love It


20. That’s a Great Line


21. Recognizes His Talents


22. Me Too Now That You Mention It


23. Good Grandpa


24. Back in the Day


25. This Man Is Too Smart

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