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  • 13 Redneck Pools To Keep You Cool This Summer

    When it comes to keeping cool during the summer months, rednecks don’t exactly have memberships to country clubs. To beat the heat in the south you’ve got to be clever, no matter how ridiculous it may look. Sometimes it involves throwing a tarp in your truck bed, while other times it’s just filling a garbage […]

  • The 13 Funniest Redneck Boats You’ll Ever See

    When a redneck goes fishing, he doesn’t use a fancy boat like some city slicker would. Here are the funniest redneck boats we’ve ever seen, proving that something doesn’t need to be pretty to float. Some might say these redneck boats are fails, but most of them are actually pretty genius when you think about […]

  • The Top 5 Redneck Cartoon Characters

    Although there haven’t been a ton of redneck cartoon characters over the years, there are still some really good ones. From King of the Hill to Squidbillies, here are the greatest southern or redneck cartoon characters of all time. 5.Lester Krinklesac (The Cleveland Show) The unmemorable cast of characters was part of the reason why […]

  • The Greatest Redneck Wrestlers of All Time

    The country angle has been around in professional wrestling for a long time, but which redneck wrestlers really stood out? They’ve played faces and heels, and they’ve been jobs and champions. Some of the men we’ve chosen to discuss are wrestling legends, while others are unmemorable guys who just played a funny redneck character in the ring. […]