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  • The 10 Best Country Songs That Start With “E”

    For whatever reason, you’re looking for some good country songs that start with E, and luckily for you we’ve got a great list right here. Our playlist of the best country songs that start with the letter E includes artists like Freddie Hart, Dolly Parton, Keith Urban, and other great artists. Let us know what […]

  • The Best Country Songs About Flying

    A lot of the best country songs about flying are metaphors for love or relationships, and we wanted to list our favorites. There are country songs about flying away, like Dolly Parton’s “Time For Me To Fly,” and there are other songs about flying that symbolize being high on drugs, like Garth Brooks’ “A New […]

  • The 10 Best Country Songs About Children

    It seems like yesterday that your baby was just a bit bigger than the size of your hands, doesn’t it? The best country songs about kids make you feel bittersweet that your children are becoming more and more mature. We put together our top 10 country songs about children with parents in mind, but you […]

  • The 10 Best Country Songs for Graduation

    When graduation day finally rolls around, you’re going to need a good country song to go with your slideshow or graduation ceremony. For this list we talk about our 10 favorite country songs for graduation, including country songs for high school graduation, country songs for middle school graduation, and more. These songs just might make […]

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    The 10 Best Country Songs About Daughters

    There’s something about country music and daughters that really go hand in hand. When a country artist has a daughter of their own, it inspires them to write some of the sweetest music that the world has ever heard. Our top 10 country songs about daughters are all great songs to play when thinking of […]

  • 7 Powerful Country Songs About Suicide or Feeling Suicidal

    There aren’t many country songs about committing suicide, but the 7 songs on this list are certainly worth listening to. It’s hard to not know someone who has been affected by suicide in one way or another, which is why country artists like Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts have written country songs about suicide. Although […]

  • Album Review: Demun Jones Shines With #Beast

    Country rapper Demun Jones picked an interesting day to release his sophomore studio album #Beast. Friday the 13th is supposed to be a day of bad luck, but for anyone who gets their hands on this album, it’s going to be anything but. If you’re not familiar with Demun Jones, you should be. A former […]

  • The 10 Best Country Songs About Summer

    With summer approaching, it’s only right that we rank our top 10 summer country songs that perfectly embody our favorite season of the year. What makes a good country summer song? Obviously the best country songs about summer all have great lyrics that bring the hot days and endless nights to life when we listen […]

  • The Best Country Songs About Jesus

    From “Jesus Take the Wheel” to “Beer With Jesus,” these are our top 10 favorite country songs about Jesus. Not all of these are worship songs, as different artists sing about Jesus in their own ways. Some songs, like 800 Pound Jesus” are dark and funny, while others like “What if Jesus Comes Back Like […]

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    The Top 10 Country Songs About Dying & Going to Heaven

    The big place in the sky is the subject of many songs, but what are the best country songs about heaven? We’ve chosen our 10 favorite country songs about going to heaven, ranging from classic artists like Vince Gill to newer country singers like Jake Owens. Many of these songs are sad, so don’t be […]