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  • The Best Country Songs About Tomorrow

    It’s only a day away, so why not discuss some of the best country songs about tomorrow? Many artists use tomorrow as an inevitable reality they must face in their songs, with the singer often spending one last night with their lover before tomorrow comes. Our list includes classics by Merle Haggard, Chris Young, Trace […]

  • The Best Country Songs About The Devil

    Whether we’re saying “the devil made me do it” or “speak of the devil,” there are actually a lot of ways in which the devil is tied in our language and culture. Country music is no stranger to the ruler of hell, so we’ve compiled our 10 best country songs about the devil. From classics […]

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    Top 10 Country Songs About Growing Up and Getting Older

    For all you parents whose kids are getting old too fast, we present you with our 10 best country song about growing up. Do you have a favorite country song about getting older? From classics like Kenny Chesney’s “Don’t Blink” to award winning songs like Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me,” these country songs […]

  • The Best Country Songs About Praying

    One great thing about country singers being Christian is all the country songs about prayers that we get in return. From famous artists like Garth Brooks to lesser names like Jaron And The Long Road To Love, the artists on this list have all written good country songs about prayers. These include gospel songs that worship […]

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    The Top 10 Country Rappers of All Time

    Some call it hick-hop, others simply call it country rap or even Kuntry. Whatever you call it, you can’t deny that there is some tremendous talent in the scene. The best country rappers vary in style and lyrical content, but the 10 artists on this list definitely deserve your attention. From innovators like Bubba Sparxx […]

  • The Best Country Songs About Sleeping

    Who knew that so many country songs about sleeping were so sad and heartbreaking? Many of these country songs are about sleeping alone, the fear of your partner being unfaithful while you’re sleeping, and several other depressing topics. I thought sleep was supposed to be peaceful! The country sleep songs on this list include tunes […]

  • The 8 Greatest Country Songs About Louisiana

    If you’re a proud citizen of The Pelican State, you probably already know that there are some really good country songs about Louisiana that have been written over the years. Many of these Louisiana country songs are older classics, including tunes from Mel McDaniel, Emmylou Harris, and Conway Twitty. If we missed any of your […]

  • The Best Country Songs About Strength

    No matter who you are, there comes a time in your life when you need to stand strong. This list includes country songs about being strong during a breakup and having the strength to move on, as well as songs about having strong ties to southern culture. The country songs about strength during a breakup […]

  • The Best Country Songs About Rednecks

    Given that we’re a website about rednecks, how could we not list our favorite country songs about rednecks? From classic tunes to newer hits, these redneck country songs will definitely have you tapping your toe. Artists featured include legends like George Strait, as well as contemporary artists like Craig Morgan. 1. Craig Morgan - Redneck […]

  • The Best Country Songs About Fire

    It’s about to get hot in here, because we’ve created our list of the best country songs about fire. In country music fire is almost always used as a metaphor for burning love, as artists like Brooks and Dunn demonstrate on this countdown. Other songs, like “Sippin’ on Fire” by Florida Georgia Line, use fire […]