Blake Shelton making fun of Chris Soules on SNL

If you’re like me, then every Monday night your girlfriend throws on The Bachelor and forces you to sit through 2 hours of torture that even Guantanamo Bay prisoners wouldn’t deserve. This dude Chris Soules is from Iowa and works on a farm, so the redneck in me appreciates that. However this guy is so boring and uninteresting that he makes Duck Dynasty seem like The Wire. Even worse are the women on the show, who range from a manly weightlifter who could beat you in arm wrestling to a 21 year old with a kid who believes in aliens. The show sucks hard and deserves to be made fun of, but who’s up to the challenge?

Enter Blake Shelton on SNL this past Saturday, who played a parody version of Chris Soules named “Ryan Coles”. Right out of the gate Shelton has a hilarious line- “There are so many beautiful girls here, but tonight I have to send three of them home. Probably the two black girls plus one of the curly haired ones.” Damn SNL, that is brutally honest and effing hilarious. Check out the full clip below:

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