The 25+ Best Taco Bell Memes About Farting Fire

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Taco Bell memes seem to make fun of one thing and one thing only- that your stomach is going to have a bad time after you eat there. These funny Taco Bell Memes about pooping fire are hilarious, but we found some other good ones too that have nothing to do with your bowels. Some of these are good Taco Bell hot sauce memes, particularly about how your horde them in a drawer at home and never end up using them. Everyone has that one friend who has about 200 Taco Bell hot sauce packets somewhere in their apartment that you know have been sitting there since their college days.

Is Taco Bell the only restaurant on the planet where the employees are just as stoned as the customers? Some of these memes are about Taco Bell’s weed-friendly customer base, who always order at least 20 dollars worth of stuff (and eat every last drop.) The restaurant also is notorious for having drunk customers who come in after a night of binge drinking, only to overeat and end up puking hours later. Anyways, we tried to think outside the bun with this collection of taco memes, so have looking at these, especially if you’re suffering on the toilet because you just had a fiesta bowl and too many spicy gordita crunches.

1. Hate to break it to you but it’s not really that hotfunny-taco-bell-meme-1

2. One of many Taco Bell fire poop memes to comefunny-taco-bell-meme-2

3. Why can they never get it right?funny-taco-bell-meme-3

4. It’s Baja Blast or bustfunny-taco-bell-meme-4

5. That you put in a drawer and never use again…funny-taco-bell-meme-5

6. Implying that Taco Bell is real Mexican foodfunny-taco-bell-meme-6

7. It’s literally the same four ingredients in different formsfunny-taco-bell-meme-7

8. Scumbag Steve will never get laid this wayfunny-taco-bell-meme-8

9. Looks like that cow had a fiesta bowlfunny-taco-bell-meme-9

10. Too much Taco Bell can be a bad thing for your toiletfunny-taco-bell-meme-10

11. At least they’re preparedfunny-taco-bell-meme-11

12. Gross

13. Someone had a gordita crunch for lunchfunny-taco-bell-meme-13

14. Is this joke getting old yet guys?funny-taco-bell-meme-14

15. So do Ifunny-taco-bell-meme-15

16. Start your morning right!funny-taco-bell-meme-16

17. When you’re praying and begging on the toiletfunny-taco-bell-meme-17

18. This is not opinion, it’s factfunny-taco-bell-meme-18

19. You always have to spend at least 15 bucksfunny-taco-bell-meme-19

20. Did you think he was gonna say something else?funny-taco-bell-meme-20

21. So everyone gets the discount then?funny-taco-bell-meme-21

22. Who knew Yoda was a Taco Bell fan?funny-taco-bell-meme-22

23. Only place where the customer and employee are highfunny-taco-bell-meme-23

24. True storyfunny-taco-bell-meme-24

25. They probably stay as far away as possiblefunny-taco-bell-meme-25

26. Wow, what a baller picking up Taco Bell employeesfunny-taco-bell-meme-26

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