25 Essential Halloween Memes to Get Excited For October

Is it October 31st yet?

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Halloween memes should excite you- it means that October 31st is quickly arriving. These funny Halloween memes include jokes about funny costumes, trick or treating, stuffing your face with candy, and a lot more. How can anyone not love Halloween? It’s spooky, you get to act like a child, play pretend for the night by wearing a costume, and gorge yourself on food you shouldn’t be eating. Why is it that people start talking about Christmas before Halloween has even passed? It’s a damn shame, especially since we still have a major holiday in Thanksgiving between the two. Don’t forget about turkey day! It’s the best meal you’ll have all year.

Many of these memes about Halloween have to do with being excited for Halloween before it’s even fall. There are some of us that look forward to the holiday in August, when it’s still 100 degrees outside and there’s not a pumpkin spice meme in sight. Trick or treating memes are always fun though, even if you’re an adult.

1. Someone take it away from mefunny-halloween-meme-1

2. It can’t come soon enoughfunny-halloween-meme-2

3. Is it October 31st yet?funny-halloween-meme-3

4. I can’t agree with grumpy cat on this onefunny-halloween-meme-4

5. Can’t let me coworkers I’m still a kid at heartfunny-halloween-meme-5

6. It always goes too soonfunny-halloween-meme-6

7. Snickers for breakfast is always goodfunny-halloween-meme-7

8. Another great part about Halloween for guysfunny-halloween-meme-8

9. Can we at least get to Thanksgiving first?funny-halloween-meme-9

10. I agree wholeheatedlyfunny-halloween-meme-10

11. Pumpkin carving is one of the best parts of Halloweenfunny-halloween-meme-11

12. Genius ideafunny-halloween-meme-12

13. Stay away from this person’s house this yearfunny-halloween-meme-13

14. It never doesfunny-halloween-meme-14

15. Wow dat ass looking juicy!funny-halloween-meme-15

16. Do they not have souls?funny-halloween-meme-16

17. Get it together man!funny-halloween-meme-17

18. You’re not the only onefunny-halloween-meme-18

19. The decorations go up and I make this facefunny-halloween-meme-19

20. I was just making sure it wasn’t poisoned!funny-halloween-meme-20

21. It does seem kind of strange when you put it like thatfunny-halloween-meme-21

22. The worst kind of peoplefunny-halloween-meme-22

23. The corporations need to make their moneyfunny-halloween-meme-23

24. It’s never too early Robin!funny-halloween-meme-24

25. People who don’t like Halloween are miserable in generalfunny-halloween-meme-25

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