Category: WTF

  • Meet The CEO Who Purposefully Got Shot In The Nuts

    Remember the guy who purposefully got his windshield shot at while he was behind the wheel, just to prove how strong his bulletproof glass was? Well that man has just been one upped in a big way. Enter Jeremiah Raber, the CEO of a protective cup company called Nutshellz, who believed in his product so […]

  • ‘My Butthole Hurts’ Girl Is The New David After Dentist

    It’s always a dick move to film someone as soon as they wake up from having surgery, but when you capture gold like this it doesn’t matter. After awakening from a state of unconsciousness in the hospital, this girl complains that her butthole hurts before ripping an astronomically loud fart that even your cousin Bubba […]

  • Man In Thailand Caught Having Sex With A Porsche

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a story like this comes along and slaps you back to reality. Somewhere in Thailand yesterday, a man was caught sneaking into an auto garage and sexually assaulting a Porsche 911. The CCTV video, which was uploaded to LiveLeak, first captures the man snooping around outside, on […]

  • 15 Sexual Trees That Prove Mother Nature Has A Dirty Side

    You ever taken a walk in the woods, looked at a tree, and thought, “huh, that kinda looks like a pair of boobies?” Maybe not, but you’d be surprised how many trees look like butts, boobs, dicks, and people having sex. Who said mother nature didn’t have a dirty side? Check out the images below […]

  • This Guy’s Lizard Is Just As Loyal As Your Dog

    If your childhood was anything like mine, you played Super Mario Brothers in the 90’s and wished you had a pet Yoshi. Well, get ready to meet someone who made those dreams come true.  YouTube user Dave Durham shows us how compassionate his lizard is, and proves that lizards can both recognize and respond to their name being […]

  • Drunk Redneck Woman Explains Love At Monster Truck Show

    There’s drunk, piss drunk, and then there’s this mess of a woman. What starts out as an interview about monster trucks turns into her giving way too much information about her and her boyfriend banging. I’ve heard some pretty messed up chicks in my lifetime, but this woman doesn’t even sound like she’s speaking English.