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  • 37 Badass Confederate Flag Tattoos

    As these confederate tattoos show, you just can’t hide southern pride. Hell even if you’re not from the south, if you’re a redneck then the confederate flag is probably part of your life in one way or another. ¬†Below are the coolest confederate flag tattoos we could find, including confederate tattoos for both men and […]

  • The 17 Funniest Redneck Toilets We’ve Ever Seen

    We all know that rednecks are Do-It-Yourself masters, so it should also come as no surprise that they’ve made some pretty epic toilets. Some of these redneck toilets are borderline genius, and are total viable options if you’re going to spend a few nights in the woods. However a lot of the toilets below are […]

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    The 10 Hottest Southern Pornstars of All Time

    It’s pretty much fact that southern girls will always be the cutest, so why not take a look into the hottest southern pornstars of all time? From Alexis Texas to Sunny Lane, these are the sexiest redneck pornstars that the industry has to offer. Not all of these girls are still working in the business […]

  • The 17 Funniest Redneck Trucks of All Time

    When you live in the south, lifted trucks with huge exhausts are dime a dozen. However every once in a while you run into some insane person who has taken their truck and made it into a monstrosity. Whether they’re ghetto as hell or just plain ugly, these are the funniest redneck trucks the world […]

  • The 13 Funniest Redneck Mugshots of All Time

    There are few things in life that bring you more pleasure than a trashy mugshot. Sure sex and beer are great, but I always feel amazingly happy when I look at redneck mugshots. From the disgusting mullets to the messed up teeth, these are truly some of the worst looking hillbillies on the planet. Honestly […]

  • The 17 Best Redneck Prom Pictures On The Internet

    When prom season rolls around, rednecks really know how to represent their country roots. Why wear an ordinary suit or dress when you can be decked out in camo? Why take a limo when you can picked up in a raised truck? These are the questions that the people below asked themselves, and they ultimately […]

  • 8 Reasons Why Rednecks Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

    So the moment is finally here. The undead have taken over the world, and humans are left to fend for ourselves in a chaotic free-for-all that is now our life. That being said, what kind of person do you think will be most likely to adapt to these grueling circumstances? For us, the answer is […]

  • 13 Redneck Pools To Keep You Cool This Summer

    When it comes to keeping cool during the summer months, rednecks don’t exactly have memberships to country clubs. To beat the heat in the south you’ve got to be clever, no matter how ridiculous it may look. Sometimes it involves throwing a tarp in your truck bed, while other times it’s just filling a garbage […]