21 Funny Pictures That Explain Why Women Live Longer Than Men

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Unfortunately for us men, science doesn’t lie. Women tend to live at least 5-6 years longer than men on average, and if you want to know why, just check out the photos below. Seriously what the hell is wrong with us? We’ll put our lives in danger just to trim a tree, doing anything we can to get the job done. I think we’ve all used a ladder irresponsibly before, but some of the guys below really take the cake.

1. Honestly would could go wrong?


2. That’s not what ‘getting your friend’s back’ means

buzzsaw back

3. Sometimes your forklift just needs a forklift, you know?


4. Always safe to hold a boulder up with giant chopsticks

sticks holding up rocks

5. Don’t try this one at home kids


6. Let’s hope no one hits the power by accident


7. Not even sure what’s going on here, but it looks dangerous


8. I know squirrels smarter than these guys

pool eletricity

9. Here’s our first of many dangerous ladder situations


10. Ok that’s really unsafe…

dangerous ladder 2

11. No never mind, THIS is unsafe


12. I didn’t thank that last guy could be topped…

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13. Looks like we have a winner. Are you freaking kidding me?


14. When regular squats aren’t enough


15. At least if he dies it’ll be because of a nice truck…oh wait nevermind

sitting under truck

16. Have you ever wanted shade so bad that you say under a tractor?


17. This is just all sorts of insanity


18. Pretty powerful bike if it’s supporting all that weight


19. And of course there are these guys


20. Honestly how little respect can you have for your life?


21. Bonus GIF- glad his balls of steel didn’t cause him to plummet down



That last GIF seriously gives me an anxiety attack, but young kids seem to be immune to fear of heights. Whatever happened to ringing someone’s doorbell and running away when you wanted a thrill?

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