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  • 19 Sexy Pink Trucks That Any Girl Would Want

    No one is saying that girls should only drive pink trucks, but I have a ton of female friends who would flip for some of these rides. The 19 pink trucks on this list include Pink Ford trucks, Pink Chevrolets, and even some pink classic trucks from the 1950s. Are these trucks too girly for […]

  • 18 Awesome Blue Trucks That Prove It’s The Best Color

    After looking at these photos, you’re going to want to get a blue truck. These awesome blue trucks include different shades of blue and many varieties of makes and models, including blue Ford trucks, blue Chevys, and more. Some of these blue trucks are even model trucks from SEMA, and maybe even a concept truck […]

  • 18 Cool Yellow Trucks That Might Make You Jealous

    Some people say that yellow trucks are too flashy, but the pictures on this list just might change their mind. From yellow Ford trucks to awesome yellow Chevrolets and Dodge Rams, this list even includes a few concept trucks that happen to be yellow. Do you drive a yellow truck? There are some cool paint […]

  • 17 Awesome Red Trucks You’d Be Happy to Drive

    It’s kind of a flashy color, but the red trucks on this list prove that red doesn’t have to be over-exaggerated or gaudy. We’ve collected a wide variety of red trucks, including trucks that are lifted, modified with custom paint, and red concept trucks that anyone would love┬áto drive. There are some really cool Red […]

  • 18 Awesome Purple Trucks That Will Blow You Away

    If you’re someone who’s always wanted a purple truck, we don’t blame you. These 18 awesome purple trucks prove just how great the color can look on your diesel, especially when there is custom wraps or artwork to go with it. This list includes classic purple trucks from shows and competitions, as well as modern […]

  • The 31 Funniest Redneck Cars You’ll Ever See

    Living in the south means getting to see ugly redneck cars that make you laugh out loud every time you see them. From terrible mods to ridiculous lifts on cars┬áthat don’t need them, these redneck vehicles are a sight for sore eyes to say the least. Let’s be fair though- if you grew up in […]

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