Short for “loud ass crackers,” The Lacs are one of the premier country rap artists in the country music industry today. Consisting of Clay Sharpe and Brian King, The Lacs songs are great because they range from hard bangers that you want to bump in your truck, to smooth and mellow songs that are perfect for drinking beer on a hot summer day. We think these are the 10 best songs by The Lacs, but don’t mad if one of your favorites isn’t on here! We love just about every Lacs songs, these are just the ones we listen to the most.

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1. Kickin Up Mud

From their 2011 album Country Boy’s Paradise, “Kickin’ Up Mud” is a great country banger about mudding and getting your truck real dirty- “Big truck, big tires / Slangin’ mud to the sky / Living low, riding high / Kickin’ up mud in my 4 wheel drive.


2. Keep It Redneck

My personal favorite song by The Lacs, “Keep it Redneck” is a song that goes hard as hell and serves as the perfect redneck anthem- “Y’all call it an accent, We call it a drawl / Y’all say gimme that, And we say please, miss / Y’all eat oatmeal, And we eat cheese grits.” The song is from their 2013 album of the same name.


3. Country Boy Fresh

“Country Boy Fresh” is a feel-good country rap song about growing up country. The song is a simple beat played over an acoustic guitar and a few other stringed instruments, giving it that mellow, happy feel- “I love my Atlanta braves ball cap it’s almost black from the tree sap / I’m a country boy with no noodly suits, got my slip on Georgia boots.”


4. Smoke Stack

From their Keep It Redneck album, “Smoke Stack” is one of those songs that goes out to all the truck drivers in America. This is a great banger to bump while rolling coal, but I personally like listening to it at night on my way to a party bar- “Cups in the sky / Everytime I ride by / All the girls wanna ride / Go on ahead, and climb inside / Black cloud, rollin’ coal / Tearin’ up them dirty roads.”


5. Country Road

One of the tracks that put The Lacs on the map, “Country Road” was released on their debut album Country Boy’s Paradise. The song features a smooth beat layed over a few different catchy guitar strums. The song pays homage to the narrators home town, and his yearning to return home to his country life- “I thought the big city life was the place for me / But things ain’t always what they cracked up to be / Fell flat on my back such a fool of my soul / Now I’m headed back down my country road.”


6. Field Party (feat. JJ Lawhorn)

If you grew up going to field parties in the south, then you’ll love “Field Party” from The Lacs. The song features JJ Lawhorn singing the hook, and is the perfect Friday night country song to get you amped for going out- “You damn right, it’s Friday night / Grab the Busch and the Bud Light / Meet me in the pasture back in the pines / We in the spot that the cops can’t find.”


7. Wylin’ (feat. Bubba Sparxxx)

There are a lot of songs but The Lacs that have catchy choruses, but “Wylin'” definitely takes the cake with an infectious hook that is laid over an electric guitar playing the same melody. This is definitely a good country rap dance anthem that will get people moving at the club.


8. Country Boy’s Paradise

From their 2010 album of the same name, “Country Boy’s Paradise” is like a Jimmy Buffet song if it was written by The Lacs. It’s definitely got that tropical island feel to it, so play this one on your way to the lake- “A perfect combination with the sun and the sand / I always try to keep some tannin lotion in hand / Ladies let me know if I missed one spot.”


9. Nothing In Particular

Another one of my favorites, “Nothing In Particular” is the perfect song for those dog days of summer where you’re just drinking beers with your buddies and watching the grass grow- “Doing nothing in particular, and I’m doing it all day long / A hot grill and a cooler of beer / And a cd of my favorite songs.”


10. Make the Rooster Crow

A dance club song that samples the sound of a rooster crowing? How could I not include this “Make the Rooster Crow” when talking about the best Lacs songs? Sure it’s a little bit silly, but it’s a fun song that’ll definitely make you smile.

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