He’s one of the most unique acts in country music day, so we’ve decided to a do a top 10 list for the best Colt Ford songs from his career so far. Country rappers like Ford have made a big impact in the last 5 or so years, fusing genres in a way that people never thought possible. Our list of Colt Ford songs includes music videos with each song name, so you can listen to the song and watch each video as you browse through the list.

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1. Drivin’ Around Song (feat. Jason Aldean)

Released on Colt Ford’s fourth studio album Declaration of Independence, “Drivin’ Around Song” is the ultimate chill country rap song that definitely puts you in a good mood while you’re driving. Jason Aldean provides a smooth chorus that lends itself perfectly to the relaxed vibe of the song. Lyrically the song is about the usual aches and pains of growing up in a small town, and the dream of making it to the city lights one day. However Colt raps in the song that the big city ain’t all it’s made out to be, and that living back in his small town is what he really wishes for- “Kicking it in the big town, wishing I’d a slowed it down / And I give anything if I was driving around with the big dreams in my pocket / Yeah, this is for the ones who don’t know how good they got it.”


2. Workin’ On

Colt Ford released a very catchy and emotional single with “Workin’ On” in 2014 on his album Thanks for Listening. The song has a crisp beat that hooks you within the first four seconds, and Colt builds on that with a great country rap song about overcoming the demons of your past and making the decision to become a better man- “Owning up to my weakness, keeping it humble but strong / Doin’ the best I can with this flesh and bone.” Good luck only playing this one once!


3. Crank It Up

Another song off his Thanks for Listening album, “Crank it Up” is a bit of a different sound for Colt, but it’s one of his more fun songs nonetheless. The song opens with a questionable synth beat that seems out of place for one of his songs, but once the rock sound of the songs kicks in, everything comes together nicely for an infectious party song that everyone wants to sing along to.


4. Back (feat. Jake Owen)

A duet with Jake Owen, “Back” is another really emotional single from Colt Ford. In the song he raps about memories of his childhood, remembering the simple times that he misses so much now. The song is a reflection on the past and touches on the desire we all feel to go back to those carefree days where nothing really mattered- “When I think about how it used to be, Lord it was so simple then / Dirt-bike and a fishin’ pole at a fishin’ hole with all my friends.”


5. Answer to No One (feat. JJ Lawhorn)

“Answer to No One” is a badass song about having pride in the way you were raised, but also pride about being an American citizen and standing up for what you believe in- “I’m the people’s champ right out the deer camp / Shotgun toter, republican voter / Hank Junior supporter, let’s protect our border / To hell with anyone who don’t believe in the USA.”


6. Dirt Road Anthem (feat. Brantley Gilbert)

A classic Colt Ford song, “Dirt Road Anthem” was originally recorded in 2008 for his album Ride Though the Country, with Brantley Gilbert backing him on vocals. Gilbert eventually recorded his own version of the song, as did bro country artist Jason Aldean in 2010.


7. Chicken and Biscuits (feat. James Otto)

From Colt’s 2010 album of the same name, “Chicken and Biscuits” is a sweet song about being in love with a country girl. As James Otto sings in the chorus, “Lord have mercy I love her kisses / Man I can’t get enough / Kinda like chicken and biscuits


8. Waste Some Time

Colt Ford gets some help from Nic Cowan and Nappy Roots on his 2011 song “Waste Some Time.” It’s a very mellow and happy song that is perfect for summertime, as Ford raps about how much fun he’s having with his girl and how it makes him just want to have fun with her- “I ain’t got the answers, but I think I seen the light / Cause since I met you, all I wanna do / Is waste some time.”


9. Mud Digger (feat. Lenny Cooper)

Featured on the Average Joe’s Entertainment compilation album Mud Digger Volume 1, “Mud Digger” is an old but popular Colt Ford song that a lot of fans love.


10. No Trash In My Trailer

From the 2008 album Ride Through the Country, “No Trash In My Trailer” is a great song that puts certain misconceptions about people who live in trailers into perspective, but it’s mainly a song about kicking his girl to the curb. In the song, Ford raps about how he lives in a trailer, but that doesn’t make him trash like people too often say- “I’m makin’ it proud, sayin’ it loud, doin’ my thing a country crowd / I tell you the truth and don’t give a damn / But I ain’t what you all say I am.

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